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It's difficult to create and sustain an inclusive, diverse, respectful, and productive workplace without inclusion and diversity awareness. At NE our Inclusion and Diversity training is flexible and customized to meet the needs of our clients. We offer training products that are flexible in content, delivery, and duration.


Create Value Proposition for expanding and growing Diversity Recruiting and Inclusion efforts. Track and report on diversity staffing metrics, initiatives, and source effectiveness. Conduct analysis, assess results and identify areas of opportunity and change. This data supports the evaluation of the organizations source effectiveness, progress and process improvements. Present recommended courses of action to Recruiting and the Business based on the findings. Facilitate Internal Diversity Conversations and Roundtables to implement and support business engagement and seek solutions related to recruitment process and initiatives. Provide industry foresight by recommending and implementing best practices and bringing innovative ideas to the organization. Research, Create, and Design Diversity Partnerships.

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